Famous ‘Black Panther’ hairstylist on the ‘magic’ combination

Camille Friend, the visionary lead hairstylist behind the movie Black Panther, sat down with TODAY Style, the online magazine of the TODAY Show, to talk about her philosophy on keeping hair moisturized and shiny, as well as the impact the film’s beautiful display of natural hair is making on global audiences.

‘Black Panther’ hit at the right time. It’s the embrace of black hair, it’s the embrace of freedom of expression, and I think those are the things people think about when they think about ‘Black Panther.’

The ‘magic’ combination of cream and oil

“My philosophy with natural hair, and almost any type of hair, to make it beautiful and shiny you have to have a mixture of cream and oil. If you put too much cream, sometimes the hair doesn’t absorb it. If you put too much oil, the hair makes it heavy. So I call it the perfect combination or the perfect storm — it’s the cream and the oil together, that’s where the magic happens.”

Black Panther lead hairstylist Camille Friend
For more on Camille Friend’s work on Black Panther, including her inspirations for the film’s styles,  techniques like using the curl sponge, her key tip for finding the right products, and a new take on Bantu knots – which she calls Wakanda Knots, see the full article at TODAY Style.

Wakanda Forever!

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