Singer Halsey faces backlash over hotel shampoo tweet, curls

The cheap, overly-perfumed, oil-stripping shampoos that come in hotel bathrooms are notorious for being terrible for black hair, but when award-winning singer/songwriter Halsey stated the obvious on Twitter, some of her fans went into a meltdown.

Halsey shampoo tweet

The fans, most of whom don’t understand the struggles of caring for textured hair while traveling, took to social media to accuse the Grammy-winning, biriacial singer of being ‘triggered’ and thinking the shampoo itself is ‘racist.’

Internet trolls went in on Halsey — who was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane in New Jersey to a black father and white mother and has topped the charts with songs like ‘Bad at Love’ — for having ‘Annie’ like hair and even suggested she was wearing a wig, when she shared a selfie of her natural curls on Instagram.

This goes to show how polarizing the issue of hair can be for women of color. Even if you are of mixed heritage, the moment you reveal your natural hair or share your feelings about hair care struggles, you can be met with gas-lighting and hostility.

Halsey, whose stage name was inspired by Halsey Street in Brooklyn and is an anagram of Ashley [source: Rolling Stone], continues to rock unique and innovate hairstyles, wearing sleek bobs, cornrows, and bold colors like blue, platinum blonde and pink — as well as her natural curls.

Update: For tips on caring for hair while on the road, check out our Best Tips for Hair Care and Travel – Some Will Surprise You!

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