Regina King’s Style Reigns Supreme

“What Black women can do with their hair is truly phenomenal.” -Regina King

Source: Good Morning America

“From the natural hairstyles to adding hair in, to color, to straight, to 18-inch weaves, teeny-weeny afros, it is so fascinating what we can do. And I promise you every other nationality of women are looking at us and they’re going, ‘Oh my gosh, I wish I could do that.’” – This was Oscar-winning actress Regina King speaking about the beautiful versatility of black women’s hair in the film Hair Tales.

Coincidentally, Regina herself has embodied that spirit in her beautiful hair styles over the years. Whether she was a teenager on 227, a ’round the way girl on Boyz n the Hood, a soul singing Raelette in Ray, or a courageous mother in Seven Seconds, King’s hair has shown us icon-level style. And her red carpet styles during this years’s awards seasons, capped off by her gloroious Oscar win for If Beale Street Coudl Talk, have made that all the more true. TV news show Good Morning America gives us a look at many of Regina’s styles over the years.

To see Regina King in Hair Tales, part of filmmaker Michaela Angela Davis’ film series, MAD FREE, dedicated to expanding the narrow narratives of women of color, click the video below:

source: Good Morning America




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