‘Black Girl Church’ pays homage to our passion for beauty

The upcoming documentary ‘Black Girl Church’ may just be the homage to our shared hair journey that we’ve always needed. Described as a project that “started off as a love letter to black girls, one of our safe spaces and the creativity that comes out of a place that is all our own,” the film was further developed by its filmmakers Audrey Williams and Marissa Pina “into an intimate portrayal of some of the realities of black beauty and the dynamics of the black beauty industry, sharing a glimpse of what it’s really like for a black woman to exist in the world.”

‘Black Girl Church’ shows the almost sacred experience, the ritual that African-American women perform around the products and the processes that define their beauty routines. The beauty supply stores and hair salons act as houses of reflection where women carefully consider and seek out new looks and styles, colors and textures.

Black Girl Church 2
A scene from Black Girl Church by filmmakers Audrey Williams and Marissa Pina

While a great deal has been said about black women and their hair, this fresh voice and an interesting take by rising, new filmmakers is something special to watch for.

For more information, see article in Teen Vogue.




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