Best Tips for Hair Care and Travel – Some Will Surprise You!

Fashion Editor Shares Her Travel Hair Care Tips with LET’S TALK HAIR

More and more black women are choosing to travel the world, and for good reason. Life-changing journeys to the Motherland, vacations in the Caribbean, sightseeing in Europe, and treks through Latin American and Asia offer enrichment and lasting memories.

Janelle travel 1 with flagsBut one major concern for black women who seek to travel is the question: how will I care for my hair?

Janelle Grimmond, a world travelled fashion editor – who has worked for Vibe, Essence, Honey, Latina, Nylon, Paper is known for her beautiful hair styles.  She has traveled throughout Africa and the Caribbean for work-related photo shoots, and her hair care strategies are tried and true. How does Janelle take care of her hair while on the road — and how can you? Janelle generously shared her traveling hair care life-hacks with us on the TV premiere of LET’S TALK HAIR.

Tip number 1 – Make space

While travel size bottles and tubes can be great for a weekend of backpacking, those bigger trips where you’ll need to do some deep conditioning on the road, will demand large bottles or jars of your favorite conditioner. So use the carry on for other toiletries and put the conditioner in your suitcase.

Tip number 2 – Go to the Market

What if you lose your luggage or find yourself stuck with the awful hotel shampoo and those conditioners that are clearly not made with the moisture concerns of black hair in mind? “The conditioner is worst in hotels, so what I recommend is to go to the supermarket. And everyone is always so shocked when I say that!”

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By going grocery shopping — or, like a real travelista,  to the local outdoor market — you can find some edible ways to keep your hair moisturized and conditioned.

For the goods on these grocery items and how to use them for your hair, watch the full premiere of LET’S TALK HAIR.

Tip number 3 – Wig out

Caring for our hair often means caring for the hair we put on our heads, too — our wigs. Wigs offer styling versatility, and when removed at night, allow own own hair and scalp a chance to breathe. Just be sure to make use of the protective aspect of a wig by giving supreme care to your own hair underneath.

By stuffing the wig with soft, light crepe paper or tissue paper, you can keep the shape of the wig. After that, use a silk scarf to wrap and protect your wig. Then place the wrapped wig in a shoe bag you’ve set aside for wigs. When you unpack, that same scarf can be worn on your head — voila, multiple uses for everything!

For a genius tip that will allow you to pack wig for every day of the week, without all the bulk, watch the full premiere. 

Tip number 4  – Check the deposits

demo - joico, cantu, jane carterOne of the biggest challenges our hair faces when traveling is the prevalence of hard water and chlorine, leaving mineral deposits that dry out the hair and make it impossible to penetrate, condition and soften, let alone style. Two of Janelle’s favorite shampoos for gently yet effectively clarifying the hair of these minerals, allowing for healing and conditioning to take place, are Joico K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo and Jane Carter Solution Renewable Difference™ Detox Shampoo.

And if you don’t have these with you, or if your luggage gets lost, you can use a special mineral-stripping, hair-healing concoction made with  organic apple cider vinegar that you get from, where else? The local market.

For the right water to-apple cider vinegar ratio, and a great ingredient to condition with afterwards, watch our full premiere.

We’ll see you on the other side of the world — looking fabulous!

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