Floyd Mayweather challenges the bias in the term ‘good hair’

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather is moving the hair conversation forward in his circle.

A clip from TIDAL Music Drink Champs event has recently gone viral. In the clip, Mayweather has a conversation-style interview with rapper N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN and responds to N.O.R.E.’s assertion that Mayweather’s curly-haired son seated next to him  has “got that good hair.”

While on the surface, the remark seemed like a compliment, but Mayweather dug a little deeper to examine the implications. “The opposite of good is bad,” he said. “They say ‘Becky With the Good Hair’ [a reference to Beyonce’s famous line on her song ‘Lemonade’]. If Becky’s got the good hair, then who’s go the bad hair?”
He went on to say, “I’m real educated on all this stuff. My thing is this: I like to say it’s different textures. And you’ve got one with coarse, and one with curly. But there’s no such thing as good and bad, it’s just different textures Because if we say someone’s got good hair, what’s the opposite of good?”

“I think it’s bad,” responded N.O.R.E. thoughtfully.

“Okay so we don’t want to say that. So we say he’s got curly hair.”

Shout out to Mayweather for pushing the conversation forward and encouraging us to enjoy the beauty in all hair types.

What are your thoughts on texturism and why do you feel it matters? Let us know!

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