Syleena Johnson’s stunning fitness journey, says ‘my hairstyle was the key’

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Syleena Johnson has been turning heads lately not just for her music, beauty and gift of gab as seen on Cocktails With Queens [on FOX Soul, where Let’s Talk Hair also appears] but also for her amazing fitness journey and bodybuilding achievements chronicled in One Stage to the Next, now on TV One.

Let’s Talk Hair hosts Del Harrison and Rhavin ‘with a V’ were delighted to get the scoop from Syleena on her fitness journey and the surprising ways it related to her hair care regimen and style options.

Del:   Please tell us how that passion for lighting weights grew on you.

Syleena:  I’ve been wanting to compete for a very, very long time. I used to play basketball in high school and I was on the track team and I would play tennis when I was younger so I’ve always been an athlete and I’ve been missing that competitive edge. Competing in fitness … you compete against your best self. You work towards your best body.  I just got the courage to do it in my 40s. I was like, I’m sick of not doing stuff I want to do… so I was like ‘Just do it just do it’ and I just did it.

Rhavin: How do you deal with working out and keeping your hair together?

Syleena: Well, when you decide that you want to go on a weight loss journey – because there’s a couple of different kinds of weight loss concepts – so let’s say you’re the type of person that just wants to work out three four days a week just to maintain, you just have to figure out ‘What is going to be my hairstyle?’ Do a protective style like this which is tree braids. It looks like hair but it’s braids so I can do any type of [activity in it], my talk show Cocktails With Queens and still go places and look glamorous. But it’s a protective style so I can go to the gym; I can go to the steam room and not have to you know worry about my hair. Or, if you wear natural hair and you have a certain kind of texture you can do twist outs; you can do wash-and-go’s and still not worry about your hair. I think nowadays  society is more receptive of [black women’s] texture of hair, so I think that we actually have lots of lots of options — not like we used to back in the day! We can wear braids and be professional now when that wasn’t the case before.


Shout out to Syleena for sharing her journey on Let’s Talk Hair TV show! For more on Syleena’s riveting documentary One Stage To the Next, visit

Watch our interview with Syleena here:

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