Celebrity Stylist Kim Kimble talks vision boards and the meaning of #GirlBoss

From the endearing ‘hood princesses of B.A.P.S. to Beyonce’s Lemonade braids, world renowned hair stylist Kim Kimble has created decades of iconic looks in pop culture. Her work with Halle Berry, Nicki Minaj and many others, has earned her the reputation of celebrity stylist to the stars. She’s also a highly successful entrepreneur whose salons were the focus of WeTV’s reality TV show LA Hair and creator of the eponymosuly named Kim Kimble (TM) product line.

Let’s Talk Hair hosts Del Harrison and Rhavin ‘with a V’ were honored to have the “boss lady of hair” Ms. Kim Kimble on the show, as she shared some gems of wisdom with us.

Del and Rhavin:  Thank you so much for being here. You look great. Radiant.

Kim: Thank you for having me. I mean, I’m so excited to be talking about my favorite subject in the whole wide world.

Del: I was just looking at your IGTV [Instagram long-form video] and I saw a video of you back in the day. You were like, “I’m Kim Kimble, I’m 18 years old. When I grow up and I want to have a chain of salons.”

Rhavin: Talk about manifestation!

Del: You have superseded that. Your own show, your own hair line, your own hair products line. Your own celebrity status on a whole other level.

Rhavin: We call you, boss lady. We consider you a boss lady. You think of those terms “boss lady”, “boss woman”, “girl boss” or “boss B.” What do you think of that term and how do how do you feel about it overall?

Kim: For me, I me, I think, definitely boss lady is cute and I have definitely been called boss lady from people who have worked with me. But I tend to think of myself more than even that in terms of a vision, a visionary, I feel like God blessed me to have given me vision to be creative. And so my creativity turned me into an entrepreneur. You know, my work that I do what He has blessed me and taught me how to do the products that I have created, the hair that I create…I feel like God kind of uses a vessel that’s willing and I’m open and I prayed and I asked for it.  So I do feel that I see myself more like a visionary.

Del: And the thing about it, too, is the boss has to be the visionary, because they’re leading the people and helping them to see the vision and also create their own vision. You mentioned creating vision boards and with a woman so, so successful as yourself.  I got to ask you what is on your vision board right now?

Kim: Oh baby, I’ve got several.

Rhavin: And how often do you make them?

Kim: Every time I’d even do a job. So I have visions of new hairstyles that I’m inspired by and I want to work with and create. I’ve got visions of products that I want to develop and packaging ideas and all these different things, hairstyles and wigs that I want to create. I also have visions of, like when I did my salon, I had a whole vision board. I wanted my little Fendi chair. I had found in the magazine. And guess what? I got one.

Del and Rhavin: You got what you wanted.

Kim: I have vision boards for different things, and I do them all the time. It’s something that I enjoy doing as well. I’m an arts and crafts kind of girl, so I, you know, I work with my hands. I’m a creative energy kind of person.

Rhavin: It goes hand in hand with manifesting what you want in life. So that’s the beauty of it.

Kim: Yes, because it helps me see it, but it also helps me articulate it to my team, you know? But now we do, we can do vision boards on Pinterest. We can talk digital about everything. You don’t have to do scissors and paper, although that’s my favorite way to do it. Cutting up magazines and doing all that…I find it’s a great way to not only articulate to my team. When I have my clients, we always pass pictures back and forth because I feel like clients don’t speak the same language as hairstylists, you know what I mean? So it helps me to kind of say, Oh, when you say, “bob” this is what I mean. A-line bob is like this, right? I just show her a picture because a lot of times there’s a lot of miscommunication and I’m big on communication.


Special thanks to Kim Kimble for gracing us with her presence! Speaking of vision boards, as a show, Let’s Talk Hair has some dreams and goals, too [above]. Some have already come to pass. Happy manifesting!

Watch our interview with Kim here:

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