Valentine’s Day, Intimacy and Black Hair

“Never touch a black woman’s hair” is the general mantra when it comes to etiquette and African-American hair, a mantra that wards off unwanted micro-aggressions. But in an intimate relationship, how do black women feel about having their hair touched? Guest host Willie Macc joined Del & Rhavin to discuss.

Our two co-hosts had very different response for Willie Macc, the comedian, actor and reality TV star whose work goes back to BET’s College Hill, tons of TV commercials and nationwide stand up comedy shows.  The responses were 1-1 tied match between the yeahs and nah’s.

But Willie had his own perspective as a guy – one who does not like strangers touching his hair but who loves when the woman he adores does so.

“I love when a woman touches my hair when we’re together and in bed…that’s when my guard is down,” says Willie Macc.

“OK  but do you touch her hair?”

Before responding, Willie paused! His answer took into account his experiences in the past, and his desire to be with a woman who lets her real hair show. Watch below. And this Valentine’s Day, take time to tell someone you love them, and their hair!

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