The selfie museum that’s the ultimate experience in Black hair

What’s a selfie museum?

So glad you asked! It’s an immersive exhibit that encourages participants to take photos of themselves in creatively decorated wonder rooms, usually for their Instagram posts. They’re organized around a theme, whether it’s a favorite food (The Museum of Ice Cream), a period in history (like Ancient Egypt) or the work of an artist (such as Vincent Van Gogh),  or even a concept (The World of Illusions). 

Enter The Black Hair Experience, a welcome addition to the world of immersive exhibits, one that celebrates and affirms the beauty, the struggle, and the joy of Black hair.

“It was really important to create installations that tapped into shared nostalgic moments and created spaces that fostered self-love and reinforced the message that your hair, no matter how you choose to wear it, is beautiful,” says Alisha Brooks, CEO and Owner of The Black Hair Experience.

Olu Gittens, creator and executive producer Let’s Talk Hair on FOX Soul, TUBI and other platforms, got in on the action in Los Angeles: “It was such a positive experience, both nostalgic and forward thinking, and lots of fun.”

Next up TBHE is opening in Brooklyn, NY on August 12, 2022 and will be there for approximately three months.

Says Brooks, “Brooklyn was next on the list for a few reasons. Not only was the demand high, which made us want to connect with our supporters in the area, but most importantly, New York’s influence on Black hair and Black culture is undeniable. We couldn’t think of a better place to bring our exhibit than to Brooklyn.” 

Check out all the locations and dates at and show yourself some selfie-love!

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