LET’S TALK HAIR is a new kind of show.

We’re gearing up to become the one and only television talk and lifestyle show devoted exclusively to the latest hair-related personal stories, discussions, styling techniques, products and news — engaging around the subject of hair in a meaningful way.

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Let’s Talk Hair’s audience of African-American women are forward-thinking trendsetters. They value beauty and grooming, and place a high emphasis on hair products, services and content.

Let’s face it: today’s beauty market is fragmented.

We know that marketers must do more to create meaningful connections with viewers.

Let's Talk Hair deck - host and guest expert

Let’s Talk Hair is grounded in an understanding of our target demographic of African-American women and the needs of each generation when it comes to beauty marketing. This allows for real inroads to the purchasing power of our viewers.
With an engaged audience seeking culturally relevant and generation-aware messages, Let’s Talk Hair offers the ideal context to connect with African-American women around hair, beauty and a variety of goods and services.

Let’s Talk Hair will broadcast weekends on local TV stations around the country, giving your company the maximum opportunity to create brand awareness with our viewers.

Let’s understand. Let’s connect. Let’s Talk Hair.