LET’S TALK HAIR is a new kind of show.

We’re the one and only television talk and lifestyle show devoted exclusively to the latest hair-related personal stories, discussions, styling techniques, products and news — engaging around the subject of hair in a meaningful way.

Let’s Talk Hair is a talk show focused on black hair where hair is used as the main topic to dig deeper into black culture and how it relates to and affects black women. It is fun, relatable and necessary — a new initiative of empowerment to the Black Female voice.   Connecting with celebrity stylists, women we admire and our very own viewers, our show is a journey through the latest news, styling techniques, products, enterprise, and discussions – the everyday beauty at heart of hair.

Let’s Talk Hair Executive Producers are Olu Gittens and Del Harrison of Baby of the Family LLC and Luis Reyes and Travis Stevens Butcher Bird Studios in Glendale, CA.

Let’s Talk Hair broadcasts on major streaming platforms and select local TV stations around the country.

Let’s understand. Let’s connect. Let’s Talk Hair.