Black Hair, Black Swimmers and the Olympics

Black Olympic swimmers and hair

“So many people in my family did not learn how to swim because, you know, their hair wouldn’t stay straight, or it’d be too unruly, or whatever,” said Erin Adams, a doctor who grew up swimming

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When the hair journey is an alopecia journey

When we talk about our hair journey, much of it is trial and error, experimentation,  trips to the salon, good and bad days, and, hopefully, a destination of self-acceptance. But for people with alopecia, this journey can feel like it leads straight off a cliff.

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Hair, clothes or makeup — what matters most to looking good?

When it comes to looking good — and therefore feeling good — what’s most important for an overall look? When choosing between hair, clothes or makeup, many fashion-forward sisters will say all three. But which one of these stands out above the other two? In a clip from Let’s Talk Hair TV show, our hosts […]

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