Show Creator Olu Gittens

Olu Gittens is the creator and executive producer of “Let’s Talk Hair TV Show” on Fox Soul, local TV stations, Amazon Prime Video, TUBI, and other platforms.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Olufunmilayo Gittens loved reading Essence magazine. She watched Yo! MTV Raps bring hip hop to the mainstream and realized that television has the power to reflect a cultural movement.

Olu worked on the production teams of such nationally-recognized TV shows as the animated PBS series “Cyberchase” (Thirteen/Nelvana) and syndicated lifestyle talk show “The Better Show” (Meredith), and locally at LA18/KSCI-TV; she has produced programming on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN-TV) the nation’s largest public access TV station, and her narrative film work has appeared in numerous film festivals, garnering her awards from the National Black Programming Consortium / Black Public Media and citations from the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office and the City of New York; she has also produced branded content videos for Ruth’s Beauty, an e-commerce company with $1M in sales annually.

When Olu was working as a technical director for KSCI-TV in Los Angeles, shooting 4 to 5 shows a day, she loved the pace within a production studio.

“I asked myself, ‘If I were to produce my own show in a TV studio, what would it be about? I wanted black women like myself to have a space where we could share our stories and also really talk about products and tips for caring for our hair.  I realized that the kind of show I was looking for didn’t exist yet. And so I created it.”

Let’s Talk Hair takes the macro level trends – like the billions spent by African-Americans on hair products, the natural hair movement – and breaks them down into delicious bite size nuggets, like how much do we spend on our hair a month, or how a fashion editor got her hair to grow healthy again, or what it means to enter your child in a natural hair pageant for little girls.  “And as much as our show is about hair, it’s not only about hair. We’ll get to explore subjects like travel, family, career, relationships, personal finance, style, business, life changes – hair is the beautiful thread that runs though all these other really interesting things.”

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