Rhavin McSweaney

Rhavin “with a V“ McSweaney always has the latest buzz for celebrity gossip, travel, food & fashion! Also known as Byrd, especially when she’s always on the go, Rhavin enjoys posting online under her catchy online monicker BizzyByrd. She is a UC San Diego graduate with broad experience in many aspects of Communication (PR, Broadcast Journalism, Post Production & Social Media), focused currently in Film/TV field: Production & Television Hosting. Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

Rhavin has built a solid professional body of work over the years both in front of and behind the camera, as a well-regarded and reliable production crew member for such shows as American Ninja Warrior Jr. and America’s Next Top Model.


Family is important to L.A native Rhavin, as the daughter of parents from Belize, Central America. She learned from them the importance of a strong work ethic and willingness to travel the world for opportunity and adventure. She enjoys interviewing people and understanding their perspective, as she’s done by hosting after-show podcasts. She brings the same inquisitiveness and engagement to hosting Let’s Talk Hair.

Rhavin is a member of Women in Film, an advocacy and professional organization that includes women in television and digital media and an avid fan of everything Pop Culture.

Another attribute to her nickname, Byrd, Rhavin is also a songstress. Having grown up in the Church, she was a member of the choir almost all of her life. Being the lead singer of a funky cover band, The Good Foot, has allowed her to express herself on all levels when it comes to her fun and spicy personality.

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